Snax to mousesports is a Move Years Too Late

Plenty of news has come up between transfers within the European Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, including one that involves mouseports and

Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski is set to be leaving his longtime team in Virtus.Pro and is negotiating to join mousesports. In mousesports, Snax is set to be replacing Martin "STYKO" Styk, who will be moved to the bench.

This is a very intriguing move and comes very much out of nowhere. Snax has always been known as the best player in and probably the best Polish player in the history of CS:GO, but no one ever thought of him going to mousesports.

On the other hand, STYKO is easily the least talented and gifted player in the mousesports team, as well as the most criticized. If there was a player to replace within the team, most people would say that it would be him. Playing around guys such as Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný and Miikka "suNny" Kemppi is hard and really showcases a player's weaknesses.

So the addition of Snax into this mousesports team would make this team much better and elevate this team to the level of Astralis and FaZe, right?

This is not the case. This move and change in the team, in my opinion, would not improve the lineup and actually make it much worse.

To really understand this, you need to know how teams have worked along the history of CS:GO and what each team has contained.

Every great and good team that has done well and consistently won events, contained a supportive player. Teams such as NiP in 2013/2014, Fnatic in 2014-2016 and SK Gaming in 2016/2017 have had this supportive element.

A type of player like this is proven to show that it can make a team better and bring success in a team. Even a superteam like FaZe has contained a supportive player in Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer.

STYKO is one of the rocks of this team and really helps enable the young stars in this team to do well and deliver the frags. STYKO's removal from this team would eliminate this and I predict that Robin "ropz" Kool and suNny would struggle as a result of this.

But can Snax fill the role that STYKO leaves and actually bring more skill and frags to the team? This will likely not happen and Snax is nowhere close to the type of player that he used to be.

Snax is not a top player. All you have to do is look at stats to seen that Snax has not been performing at a high level for a long time, despite playing against lower level competition. Although he has shown to have much skill and he can be one of the best in the world, that was a long time ago and is a shadow of his past.

Snax has also never really been a support player. Being on a team with legends like Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and Filip "NEO" Kubski never put him in this situation. Snax was almost always the star in VP and was the star during the team's fall.

Snax really needs to embrace the support role and do exactly what STYKO was doing. If he does this, his performances will definitely drop and may even go below the ratings that STYKO was bringing in.

So all in all, this transfer really makes no sense. In a team that is so young and with players that need a proper support player, this move has potential to do some damage.

This is a move that shows how blinded mousesports is by the nostalgia of 2015/2016 Snax. He is not even remotely close to the level of power he obtained in those years. If Snax does not show some amazing form reminiscent of his past, this team will not get better and lose its status in the scene.