MICHU transitions to IGL and announces search for team

Famous Polish esports athlete Michał "⁠MICHU⁠" Müller announced transition to in-game leader role. In a message published on his X social media account, Müller explained the reasons that prompted him to take such a step, as well as stated that he is searching for a team where he could realize himself as an IGL.

Throughout my esports career, I had the chance to play under various in game leaders, in teams that were very diversed when it comes to players nationalities, differences in the cultural aspects, characters. I’ve experienced highs, and also a lot of lows in those projects, which I think gave me a lot of knowledge, and changed my perception of what is needed in order to make the team successful.

I want to utilise my experience, maturity differently on the server and start leading the team. I always enjoyed thinking about the new tactical solutions, nades, how to upgrade certain behaviours on the maps. I think that my personality and character fits that role very well. I also had a pleasure to work with various coaches like Kuben, Zews, Legija, Loord, which also gave me a lot, as I’ve seen different approaches, and it was a priceless experience as I learnt new things from everyone.

If you are thinking about building a new roster, or you’re looking for a person who’s going to take responsibility for the team, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let’s talk about it.

MICHU's previous team was IKLA – he competed for it from July 2023 to January 2024. At the beginning of the year, the Ukrainian club ceased its activities, with Michał and other ex-IKLA players entering free agency soon after that.

Before that, the Pole represented such well-known tags as MAD Lions, EG, Envy, Virtus.pro, etc. Throughout his career as a professional Counter-Strike 2 player, he earned about $250,000 in prize money.

Origin: x.com