MICHU, Lekr0, Topa and Loord enter free agency

IKLA's former players Michał "MICHU" Müller, Jonas "⁠Lekr0⁠" Olofsson and Alexey "Topa" Topchienko, as well as team's coach Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski became free agents. The Ukrainian club's Chief Executive Officer Maxim Bednarsky revealed this via his Twitter account.

According to the IKLA CEO, the decision to release part of the squad from contracts was made by mutual agreement after negotiations. However, he did not comment on the future of the remaining members of the roster in Vladyslav "Kvem" Korol and Adelin "adeX" Nica.

Note that a month ago IKLA announced the cessation of activities due to the unreliability of investments in the Counter-Strike team amid the abundance of cheaters on the pro scene. At the same time, the entire squad was put up for transfer.

It is currently unknown whether IKLA plans to return to esports. With its latest official statement, the club set 2025 as the date to reconsider its decision.

Origin: twitter.com