Latest economy changes were not applied to first matches at IEM Dallas 2024

IEM Dallas 2024 organizers reported via their social media accounts that they found a problem in the server configuration, which did not take into account the latest changes to the CS2 economy. In the first matches of the tournament, teams received an incorrect award for planting a bomb for the T side.

Since the May 24 game update, the team award for losing a round with a bomb planted is $600 to decrease the impact of the first round on the subsequent rounds. However, following the results of the first playday at IEM Dallas 2024, it was discovered that teams still received $800.

ESL assured that they have fixed the problem and the economy will work correctly in the subsequent matches. The results of matches that have already taken place cannot be disputed.

Note that IEM Dallas 2024 became the first big tournament after the large update that affected the gameplay aspects of CS2. In particular, bombsite A on Vertigo has been significantly reworked, changes were made to the economy, and the effect of incendiary grenades has been adjusted.