Media: Fluxo negotiate skullz's transfer from paiN for $600K

Fluxo are interested in signing Felipe "skullz" Medeiros and have already started negotiating his transfer from paiN. Dust2 Brasil journalists found out about this.

According to the source, the discussion of the player’s transfer begun with a buyout of $600K. This is the exact number specified in skullz’s contract, and the club does not intend to let him go cheaper, as it considers him the team's key player.

It was also reported that, along with Fluxo, other parties are showing interest in signing Medeiros. In particular, the 21-year-old Brazilian has caught eyes of some clubs from his country, as well as organizations outside of it.

If Fluxo and paiN are able to reach an agreement on skullz's transfer, he will replace Henrique "t9rnay" Menacho. Interestingly, two Medeiros' ex-teammates from paiN in Vinicios "PKL" Coelho and Romeu "zevy" Rocco are already competing for Fluxo.

Should the Dust2 Brasil information be officially confirmed, Fluxo's lineup will look as follows:

 Vinicios "PKL" Coelho
 Vinicius "vsm" Moreira
 Romeu "zevy" Rocco
 Lucas "Lucaozy" Neves
Felipe "skullz" Medeiros