Bug with ability to get free armor discovered in CS2

Data-miner Thour shared via his Twitter account a bug discovered in Counter-Strike 2. It allows the player to get armor for free.

To do this, you have to resort to console commands, namely, create a key bind for refunding weapons and equipment. The data-miner noticed that after purchasing a second armor, the player using the 'refundall' command receives a $1K refund for the purchase, retaining the armor.

Thour also shared the commands that should be bound to a convenient button. He used an example of a bind for the X key:

alias "refundall" "sellback 0;sellback 1;sellback 2;sellback 3;sellback 4;sellback 5;sellback 6;sellback 8;sellback 9;sellback 10;sellback 11;sellback 12;sellback 13;sellback 14;sellback 15;sellback 16;sellback 17;sellback 18;sellback 26;sellback 26;sellback 27;sellback 28;sellback 29;sellback 30;sellback 32;sellback 33;sellback 34;sellback 35;play ui\panorama\itemtile_click_02.vsnd_c"
bind X refundall

Previously, Thour published an assessment of Counter-Strike 2's performance. He found out that with the latest updates, the average FPS on all maps dropped by 10%.

Origin: twitter.com