Rumors: TYLOO signs 5yclone

Chinese organization TYLOO has signed local lineup 5yclone. Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore, editor, shared this information via his Twitter account.

5yclone players were reportedly spotted wearing TYLOO jerseys at a local event. An official announcement is likely to take place soon.

In early August, the Chinese team departed Rare Atom after unsuccessful contract negotiations. As a result, the roster continued to compete under the 5yclone tag, participating in ESL Pro League Season 18 and qualifying for CS2 Asia Championships 2023.

In turn, TYLOO recently announced parting ways with Balkan players Luka “emi⁠” Vuković and Marin “ROGA⁠” Rogić. The fate of the remaining members of the lineup is also unknown.

TYLOO's suggested lineup looks as follows:

 Zhuo "advent" Liang
 Yi "JamYoung" Yang
 Andrew "kaze" Khong
 Jingxiang "Mercury" Wang
 Qianhao "Moseyuh" Chen

 Xielin 'k4Mi' Zhu (coach)