Number of CS2 Beta Season participants exceeds 1 million players

Data-miner Aquarius revealed via his Twitter account statistics on the number of players who have calibrated in Counter-Strike 2. In total, in almost three weeks after the global issuance of invites, over 1 million players won at least 10 matches.

Moreover, Aquarius shared the distribution of players by regions. Europe is in first place with 71.1% of players. North America is a runner-up with 10.81%. South America, Asia, Australia and Africa are next on the list, with 8.34%, 7.84%, 1.56% and 0.35% of all players, respectively.

The data-miner also mentioned that China was not taken into account, as the servers of its local company Perfect World have not yet received access to Counter-Strike 2.

Previously, data-miner Thour criticized the performance of the VAC Live anti cheat in CS2. He noted that Valve has a lot of work to do to get rid of cheaters on the World Leaderboard.