CS2 update fixes many bugs and changes Premier mode timeouts

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 9/6/2023


– Overpass: various bug fixes and tweaks.


– Added current armor value to the buy menu.
– Fixed issues with ducking across round transitions.
– Fixed a case where smoke grenades wouldn't pop.
– Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary fire area was small in corners.
– Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would explode at the throwers feet.
– Fixed a case where the dropped bomb icon would appear on the radar incorrectly.
– Continued iterating on dropped weapon pickup.


– Shortened "Waiting For Players" from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.
– Fixed voting to surrender and voting for tactical timeouts.
– Teams can use 3 tactical timeouts during regulation time and 1 during overtime.
– Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements


– Fixed a case where hit feedback sounds wouldn't play for spectators.


– Allow changing equipped graffiti mid-match.
– Improved free roaming and chase camera behavior in CSTV.
– Fixed a case where the money display was cropped in certain languages.
– Fixed a case where "Block names and avatars of strangers" would replace names with the wrong color words.
– Fixed a case where the award message for planting the bomb wouldn't show.
– Fixed issues with alt-tab window switching in fullscreen mode.
– Added cvars mp_team_timeout_ot_add_once, mp_team_timeout_ot_add_each, mp_team_timeout_ot_max to control timeouts in overtime.

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