CS2 update re-enables Casual matchmaking and tweaks Inferno

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 9/5/2023


– Ancient: fixed CT spawn area shape in minimap.
– Overpass: adjusted spawn locations to reduce the likelihood of players spawning stuck together.
– Inferno: various bug fixes and tweaks.


– Re-enabled Casual matchmaking.
– Fixed a bug where dropped weapons were behaving like held weapons.
– Adjusted interpolation parameters.
– Fixed missing bullet tracers on hits.
– Made it easier to pick up dropped weapons.


– Fixed a case where music wouldn't play at the end of deathmatch.


– Various bug fixes and tweaks to Premier UI elements.
– Adjusted freeze time post-processing effects.
– Fixed missing player models for the first few seconds after team introductions.
– Windows community servers can now appear in Steam Server Browser.

Origin: store.steampowered.com