Report: ex-Paqueta roster may join KRU or RED Canids

Ex-Paqueta roster may pursue a career with KRU or RED Canids, as Dust2 Brasil journalists found out.

It was reported that currently the lineup, which competes under SELVA tag, is in talks with the organizations. Notably, the roster was also offered to other clubs, including Vivo Keyd.

Paqueta temporarily left the pro scene and bid farewell to the lineup at the end of August. At the same time, Bruno "b4rtin" Câmara joined the team, having replaced Paulo "short" Ballardini.

SELVA's current lineup looks as follows:

 Lucas "DeStiNy" Bullo
 Carlos "venomzera" Eduardo 
 Gabriel "nython" Lino
 Wesley "hardzao" Lopes
 Bruno "b4rtin" Câmara

 João "righi" Righi (coach)