Team Spirit players spoke about transition of pro scene to MR12 system

Members of the Team Spirit roster shared their opinions on the MR12 match format that will be implemented on the competitive scene after Counter-Strike 2 release. Players' comments were published on the social media accounts of the Dragons.

The team's young star Danil "donk" Kryshkovets is sure that MR12 will have a negative impact on the pro scene.

The introduction of MR12 in CS2 will only make things worse. More randomness, less spectacular. It will also affect the majors, and maybe the underdogs will win more often because of it. Personally I don't like this format, MR15 is imbalanced.

Myroslav "zont1x" Plakhotia believes that the developers want to make the game more dynamic, but is not ready to decide whether such changes will benefit Counter-Strike from an esports point of view.

The MR12 format will make the games shorter and therefore more dynamic. There will probably be some changes to the economy. I can see that with these changes the developers are moving towards dynamism and speed, which is certainly good for the audience and casual players, but it's still unclear how it will work on the pro scene.

However, club's veteran Boris "magixx" Vorobiev regards the implementation of MR12 positively. In particular, he noted that now tournament operators, at least at Majors, will be able to abandon matches in the BO1 format.

I think MR12 is a useful update because every round's value will be higher and people will tend to make less stupid mistakes. Majors... In case Valve leave BO1 matches as part of the majors, then MR12 will bring more randomness. But on the other hand – because the games will be faster, it is reasonable to play all BO3 games and use BO5 in the semi-finals and finals, for example. Which format do I like more? I don't know, I've never played fewer rounds.

Notably, on the last day of summer, Valve released a big update for Counter-Strike 2, through which the duration of matches in the Competitive mode was changed in accordance with MR12 system. All the innovations of the big patch can be found via the link.