Gabe Follower: Coop missions and season coins may appear in CS2

Data-miner Gabe Follower shared via his social media accounts the next discoveries in the Counter-Strike 2 files. This time he found mentions of additional modes and seasonal rewards in matchmaking.

In particular, Gabe Follower found out that Valve is working on creating coop missions as well as VIP player escort gamemode. Perhaps the new mechanics will resemble Murder mode from CS 1.6.

In addition, the data-miner found mentions of coins that can be given to the best players at the end of the seasons. At the same time, Valve is working on the first operation in CS2: as Gabe Follower managed to find out that comics support has been added to the game.

Yesterday, September 1, Valve released a major update for Counter-Strike 2. The developers added Inferno and Premier mode to the game and implemented MR12 system.