b4rtiN joins ex-Paqueta lineup

Brazilian esports athlete Bruno "b4rtin" Câmara has joined ex-Paqueta roster, as João "righi" Righi, coach of the squad, shared.

According to the coach, the team intends to stick together to find a new organization. However, the roster was left without IGL Paulo "short" Ballardini, who left the project.

As a result, Ballardini's place will be taken by b4rtin, who recently announced his return from Valorant.

Earlier it became known about the intention of the Paqueta club to suspend its operations. The reason for it is the loss of key sponsors amidst the recent allegations against the organization's owner, Brazilian midfielder of West Ham football club, Lucas Paqueta.

 ex-Paqueta's current lineup looks as follows:

 Lucas "DeStiNy" Bullo
 Carlos "venomzera" Eduardo 
 Gabriel "nython" Lino
 Wesley "hardzao" Lopes
Bruno "b4rtin" Câmara

 João "righi" Righi (coach)

Origin: twitter.com