Data-miner: Valve adapted competitive mode for MR12 system

Data-miner Aquarius shared via his Twitter account new details on CS2 matchmaking. In the game files, he was able to find references to possible updates to the mode in the future.

In particular, the data-miner discovered that the developers adapted the Competitive game mode for the MR12 system (game up to 13 rounds won). In addition, Valve intends to get rid of Short Competitive.

Aquarius also found references to updated freezetime and timeout rules. Thus, before the start of each round in Premier mode, players will have to wait for a 20-second timer. In addition, matches will have four 30-second timeouts and one overtime in case of a tie.

Tonight, Valve released a new update for Counter-Strike 2, in which they turned off mathmaking, and also added Italy map to the Deathmatch and Casual game modes.