degster to compete at IEM Sydney 2023 qualifier with Aunkere

Former OG's AWPer Abdul "degster" Gasanov will compete in the second open qualifier for IEM Sydney 2023. Eugene "Aunkere" Karyat, Almaz "almazer" Asadullin and streamer Vyacheslav "Buster" Leontiev will be on the same team.

It is still unknown who will be the fifth player on the roster. According to Karyat, former FORZE's IGL Andrey "Jerry" Mekhryakov could join them. Daniil "X5G7V" Maryshev was also announced as part of the lineup, and, if necessary, will replace Mekhryakov.

Notably, earlier degster had to compete in the same lineup in the first qualifier. However, shortly before the start of the tournament, Gasanov changed his plans and refused to participate.

IEM Sydney 2023 Europe Open Qualifier 2 will take place online from August 11 to 12. First matches will kick off at 18:00 CET.