Maniac: ZywOo is as consistent in LAN playoffs as he is in group stages

Analyst Mathieu "Maniac" Kikerez took it to Twitter to assess Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut’s LAN performance statistics since IEM Cologne 2021. He discovered that Vitality’s AWPer is just as consistent in the playoffs as he is in the group stages.

According to the data collected, Herbaut recorded an average rating of 1.31 over 213 maps in the group stages. At the same time, the sniper's statistics in the playoffs of LAN tournaments over 89 maps is 1.30.

Thus, based on the Analysis of Variance, Kikerez managed to confirm the inconsistency of the hypothesis that ZywOo plays worse in the playoffs of big events. The analyst also said that in the future, a similar analysis of the performance of other well-known players will be carried out.

Previously, Maniac found out that in 2023 ZywOo made fewer kills with AWP than with other rifles (only 34% versus 44% with rifles).