Data-miner: we can speculate that CounterStrike 2 will be released on or before September 23rd, 2023

A full-fledged release of CS2 may take place on September 23 of this year or earlier, as data-miner Thour suggested via his Twitter account. He came to this conclusion after studying the game code, where he found the dates of the seasons in matchmaking.

According to Thour, Valve plans to kick off the first season on September 23 and end it on December 22, 2023, which indirectly indicates CS2's release date. The source added that the second season will run from March 20 to June 21, 2024, while the third will take place from September 22 to December 21 of the same year.

The data-miner also discovered that in the Premier Mode, the leaderboard will be classified into four categories: Global, Region, Country and Friends. Previously, similar information was shared by Aquarius.

Recall that the CS2 Limited Test, which started in March, is currently ongoing. At the same time, Valve announced that a full-fledged release of Counter-Strike 2 should be expected to happen in the summer, but since then they have not given additional comments on this topic.