Astralis assemble new academy roster around MistR

Danish organization Astralis unveiled their new youth roster. Inexperienced Danes Jason "JBOEN⁠" Boe Nielsen, Andreas "⁠kiR⁠" Kirstein, Emil "⁠kroK⁠" Wiedemann and Richart "⁠ANSG1⁠" Saleela Nielsen joined Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen in the academy team.

According to the club's Sports Director Kasper Straube, the duo of 19-year-old MistR and 23-year-old kiR⁠ will be the core in forming the newcomers into the team.

Mikkel "MistR" has had several opportunities to switch to other teams, also on a somewhat higher level, but I am really happy that for now he has chosen to dedicate his efforts to Astralis Talent, where he will be one of the cornerstones around the team culture and performance. Mikkel, together with Alexander "kiR", will be the experienced players who, together with the three young guns Jason "JBOEN", Emil "KroK" and Richart "Ansg1", will form the new Astralis Talent team. Developing talent is not a thing you do overnight, but this is a really exciting team and I do believe we will meet our own high ambitions.

Earlier, Astralis decided on a new youth coach, having signed Alexander "⁠alexsomfan⁠" Nielsen. He was given a task of rebuilding the roster after four players simultaneously departed it in the recent off-season.

At the moment, it is unknown when Astralis Talent will debut.

 Astralis Talent's current lineup looks as follows:

Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen
Jason "JBOEN⁠" Boe Nielsen
Andreas "⁠kiR⁠" Kirstein
Emil "⁠kroK⁠" Wiedemann
Richart "⁠ANSG1⁠" Saleela Nielsen

Alexander "⁠alexsomfan⁠" Nielsen (coach)