LNZ joins Sangal

Turkish club Sangal announced signing of Linus "LNZ⁠" Holtäng. Previously, the 20-year-old Swede was part of NIP.

LNZ⁠ is best known for his stints with Young Ninjas, with which he won several online events. In addition, Holtäng managed to compete at several tournaments for the main NIP roster, with which he won IEM Fall 2021 Europe and reached the quarter-finals of PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Sangal will have to sign a fifth player to complete the squad before the start of the season. The team will debut at the qualifier for Thunderpick World Championship 2023, which will kick off on July 27.

 Sangal are currently:

 Max "⁠PANIX⁠" Hangebruch
 Can "⁠kyuubii⁠" Ali
 Caner "⁠Soulfly⁠" Kesici
 Linus "⁠LNZ⁠" Holtäng

 Albania Klesti "⁠stikle-⁠" Kola (coach)

Origin: sangal.gg