SBJ: Complexity and Luminosity owners in talks to buy FaZe

FaZe may sell some of their shares to the parent companies of Complexity and Luminosity clubs, as it became known to the authoritative business publisher Sports Business Journal.

FaZe is currently in talks with GamesSquare and Enthusiast Gaming, which own Complexity and Luminosity brands, respectively. The potential deal involves trading shares for a significant capital injection that FaZe need amidst ongoing financial troubles.

Notably, the possible cooperation between GamesSquare and FaZe may cause a conflict of interest due to both companies owning teams in CS:GO and a number of other disciplines. Complexity's roster, which is owned by GamesSquare, regularly faces FaZe at big tournaments, as both rosters are members of partner leagues from ESL and BLAST.

In the case of Enthusiast Gaming, which owns Luminosity, the conflict of interest does not affect CS:GO. The organization left Valve's shooter professional scene in 2019 after setbacks with various Brazilian rosters.