Complexity and OG relegated from BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023

Complexity and OG were eliminated from BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023, as in the first round of the Gauntlet stage, the North American team lost to Astralis (12:16 on Vertigo and 4:16 on Overpass), while Nemanja "nexa" Isaković's squad fell to BIG (16:11 on Mirage, 13:16 on Overpass and 11:16 on Ancient).

Thus, Complexity and OG secured the 10th-12th place at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023, going to the Showdown qualifier for North America and Europe, respectively.

In turn, Astralis and BIG advanced to the second round of the Gauntlet stage to face Liquid and Vitality, respectively, for the right to qualify for the final of the BLAST autumn season.

The Gauntlet stage bracket currently looks as follows:

The full schedule, up-to-date results and live broadcast of BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023 are available on the tournament's page on our website via this link.