Patti joins ECSTATIC

Danish organization ECSTATIC took it to Twitter to announce signing of Patrick "Patti" Larsen. The 25-year-old esports athlete became the new IGL of the roster, replacing Marcus "⁠maNkz⁠" Kjeldsen, who joined M80.

Patti has spent the last ten months competing for Astralis' academy roster, with which the Dane won CCT North Europe Series 4, as well as a number of other online tournaments.

This is the second ECSTATIC's roster change in two months. In early June, the organization also bid farewell to coach Teis "tmL" Løwenstein and since then has not decided on a replacement.

ECSTATIC's current lineup is:

 Jonas "⁠Queenix⁠" Dideriksen
 Tobias "⁠kraghen⁠" Kragh Jensen
 Jason "⁠salazar⁠" Salazar
 Magnus "⁠Nodios⁠" Olsen
 Patrick "⁠Patti⁠" Larsen