M80 decide on lineup to enter pro scene

North American organization M80 decided on the roster with which it intends to enter the professional scene, as Dust2.us reported after discovering the names of the players who got signed by the club.

The first rumors of M80's intention to assemble a CS2 roster appeared last month, when the club's appointed Vice President, Don Muir, spoke about the organization's plans.

The roster is expected to include former ATK players Michael "Swisher" Schmid, Ethan "reck" Serrano, Adam "WolfY" Andersson, as well as Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa and Marcus "⁠maNkz⁠" Kjeldsen, from TeamOne and ECSTATIC, respectively.

The team's coach will be Rory "dephh" Jackson. The 31-year-old Briton is best known for his stints with Complexity, but in recent years he has been competing in Valorant.

Notably, in case this five is signed, M80 will receive ATK's spot at ESL Pro League Season 18.

Suggested M80's lineup looks as follows:

Michael "Swisher" Schmid
Ethan "reck" Serrano
Adam "WolfY" Andersson
Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa
Marcus "⁠maNkz⁠" Kjeldsen

Rory "dephh" Jackson (coach)

Origin: www.dust2.us