CS2 update 30.06.2023: added Nuke and Office


– Added Casual game mode.


– Fixed rare cases where bullets would not follow spray pattern.


– Added Nuke to Deathmatch, Casual, and Competitive game modes.
– Added Office to Deathmatch and Casual game modes.
– Removed Mirage.


– Added distance effects to all positional sound sources.
– Improvements to 3d sound processing.
– General mix tweaks and improvements.
– Fixed bug where sometimes sounds would not respect the occlusion values of surrounding geometry resulting in sources appearing closer than what they were.
– Fixed missing low frequencies at certain distances away from sound sources such as grenades and weapon fire.
– Fixed a bug where some sounds would be slightly louder or quieter depending on the listeners orientation.
– Added music cues to Match Accept and Loading screens.
– Added unique audio occlusion layer to help with vertical sound positioning in Nuke.


– Grenades can now be inspected.
– Improved healthshot animations.
– Improved inspect behavior for various weapons.


– Fixed cases of unintended slow crouch/uncrouch.
– Bunny hopping feel should now closely match CS:GO running at 128 tick.
– Added convar sv_jump_spam_penalty_time to allow fine tuning of bunny hop feel.
– The readout for cl_showpos has been enhanced to show the maximum speed of the last 3 seconds; this number is in parenthesis on the "vel" line.
– Players can no longer jump at the end of warmup time.


– Sending game delta frames is now asynchronous, reducing dedicated server main thread CPU usage, thus reducing probability of dropped ticks.


– Fixed a case where a holstered weapon would be rendered on a dead player.
– Added a team-agnostic equip icon for inventory/loadout item tiles.
– When possible, switching to spectator mode will default to in-eye spectating.
– Adjusted the transition between spectator chase cam and roaming cam.
– Centered game mode text in the loading screen.
– Removed "Best out of X rounds" from the loading screen.

Origin: www.counter-strike.net