OverDrive: Patsi to replace EliGE in Liquid

Team Spirit's Robert "Patsi" Isyanov will continue his career in Liquid. Information about the transfer of the Russian player was shared by insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov on his Twitter account.

Birukov added that Patsi will join Liquid as a replacement for Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, while the organization will sign one more player.

Patsi has been competing for Team Spirit since the beginning of 2022, when he joined the main roster from the Dragons' academy team. Since then, the team's best result has been a 3rd-4th place at PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

Liquid needs to complete the lineup after IGL Nick "nitr0" Cannella went inactive. Earlier, North American team's member Keith "NAF" Markovic confirmed rumors that Liquid will not be signing a new IGL and instead will focus on finding a rifler.

Should the OverDrive information be officially confirmed, Liquid's lineup will look as follows:

 Josh "⁠oSee⁠" Ohm
 Keith "⁠NAF⁠" Markovic
 Mareks "⁠YEKINDAR⁠" Gaļinskis
Robert "Patsi" Isyanov

Origin: twitter.com