Report: Falcons interested in mhL, lauNX and BOROS

Saudi organization Falcons plans to reassemble their roster around Miłosz "⁠mhL⁠" Knasiak, Laurențiu "lauNX" Țârlea and Mohammad "⁠BOROS" Malhas, as and reported.

It is reported that the club has already reached an agreement with lauNX, the interest in which was unveiled a few weeks ago. In addition, the sources state that the Saudi organization transferred Knasiak from Endpoint.

It is also known that Falcons are interested in Monte's BOROS. However, the young Jordanian has other offers on the table, notably from Evil Geniuses. If the club succeeds in transferring Malhas, Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier's place in the starting five will be in jeopardy.

Suggested Falcons lineup looks as follows:

 Kevin "misutaaa" Rabier
 Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt
 Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro
 Laurențiu "lauNX" Țârlea
 Miłosz "⁠mhL⁠" Knasiak

 Steeve "⁠Ozstrik3r⁠" Flavigni (coach)