IEM Dallas 2023 is most viewed match of event

Analytical service Esports Charts revealed statistics on viewership of the recent IEM Dallas 2023. The most viewed match of the tournament was the final between MOUZ and ENCE, which peaked at 323K viewers.

The semi-final match between ENCE and FaZe is a runner-up with 290K peak viewers. Another semi-final match between Heroic and MOUZ with 246K peak viewers is on the third line.

The tournament averaged 135K viewers, taking into account the data from all sites except Chinese streaming platforms.

The 5 most viewed IEM Dallas 2023 matches are:

1.  MOUZ –  ENCE, Grand Final (323,237)
2.  ENCE –  FaZe, Semifinal (290,150)
3.  Heroic –  MOUZ, Semifinal (246,721)
4.  MOUZ –  Astralis, Quaterfinal (229,497)
5.  G2 –  FaZe, Quaterfinal (224,479)

IEM Dallas 2023 took place from May 29 to June 4 in Dallas. ENCE secured the title by defeating MOUZ in the final.