OverDrive: "degster really wants to depart OG"

Insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov shared via his Telegram channel that Russian cybersports athlete Abdul "degster" Gasanov intends to depart OG. According to him, the AWPer does not get the desired opportunities, competing with the current team.

It seems like information on degster is indeed confirmed. He really wants to depart OG, because he cannot do what he wants in the game. Thus, we are following the news.

Notably, degster responded to OverDrive's statement. "Apparently, the only one who does not know about my departure is me," the player briefly commented on the insider's information.

Gasanov did not fly with OG to the ongoing IEM Dallas 2023, where he was replaced by Iulian "⁠regali" Harjău. The club stated that the reason for degster missing the event was his previously scheduled vacation, which coincided with the dates of the tournament.

Origin: telesco.pe