MOUZ and FaZe complete IEM Dallas 2023 playoff team list

MOUZ and FaZe secured last tickets to the IEM Dallas 2023 playoffs, as in the lower brackets finals of their groups, they bested OG (16:10 on Mirage and 16:7 on Inferno) and Cloud9  (16:7 on Mirage, 7:16 on Inferno and 16:9 on Ancient) respectively, which got eliminated from the tournament, placing 7th-8th and securing $6,000 in prizes.

Also the last playday of the group stage saw the upper brackets finals, which determined the rosters that will kick off the decisive stage of the tournament directly from the semi-finals. In Group A, Heroic got the best of G2 (16:9 on Inferno and 16:4 on Ancient), while in Group B, ENCE defeated Astralis (12:16 on Overpass, 19:17 on Nuke and 16:12 on Mirage).

Group A completed bracket looks as follows:

Group B completed bracket looks as follows:

The full schedule and live broadcast of IEM Dallas 2023 can be found on the tournament page via this link.