IEM Dallas 2023 playoff venue to be renovated

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, which will host the IEM Dallas 2023 playoffs, is going to be renovated, as Dust2 Brasil journalists discovered.

It was reported that the estimated cost of all activities may exceed $3.5 billion, out of which $2.8 billion will be usee for reconstruction, while the remaining funds will cover the related costs. Local authorities expect the entire project to be completed by 2030.

According to local publications, Dallas will use two funding methods that are expected to generate $4 billion over 30 years. Part of the sum will come from tax deductions, while the remaining funds are planned to be raised from sales.

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center renovation is expected to begin in 2024 and be completed by 2028. The total area of the convention center will increase by 42K square meters due to the integration of entertainment facilities and residences.

IEM Dallas 2023 will play out from May 29 to June 4 in Dallas, USA. At the event, 16 teams will compete for $250,000 in prizes as well as a IEM Cologne 2023 berth.