"That's absurd." rallen criticizes organizers for abundance of partner spots

Into the Breach's Karol "rallen" Radowicz criticized in an interview with Dot Esports tournament operators for holding tournament with an abundance of partner teams. According to Pole, this greatly harms the development of the pro-scene.

In my opinion, the CS:GO scene is currently divided between partnership and non-partnership teams. In tournaments that have 16 teams, 15 of them are partnered with the organizer. That’s absurd. It shouldn’t be like this, because it’s killing esports.

This should be balanced somehow. It shouldn’t be that the more money you have in your wallet, the more tournaments you attend. We have to fight this – maybe it changes with Counter-Strike 2,

There are currently two partner leagues on the pro scene in ESL Pro League and BLAST Premier. 15 partner teams take part in ESL tournaments, and 8 in BLAST events. At the same time, any roster can participate in events from each league, after advancing through numerous qualifiers.

Origin: dotesports.com