CS:GO roster brings FaZe $62,000 in monthly losses

Nordan "Rain" Shat, co-founder of North American organization FaZe, revealed the financial details of how the club's rosters function. He shared actual figures via his personal YouTube channel.

According to Shat, most FaZe lineups don't pay for themselves. In particular, the Valorant (male and female roster) and Rocket League teams suffer losses of $318,000 and $84,000, respectively.

Moreover, the CS:GO roster generates monthly losses of $62,000. Despite a solid profit ($514,000), the team still works in the red due to excessive expenses for maintaining the roster.

Shat noted that the costs are given for the month, but did not say what specific period the figures provided cover. FaZe currently has two teams that are investing in themselves: PUBG Mobile ($87,000 in revenue) and Call of Duty ($35,000)

Rain recently criticized the organization's management for excessive spending. He noted that FaZe loses $700,000 monthly on esports.

Origin: www.youtube.com