NAVI, Cloud9, FaZe and ENCE receive invites to Gamers8 Festival 2023

Gamers8 Festival 2023 organizers took it to Twitter to unveil the names of the next participants of the event. Besides the previously invited rosters, NAVI, Cloud9, FaZe and ENCE will take part in the LAN tournament.

Now the organizers have to reveal five remaining invitees, as well as provide details on the participants of the qualifiers, which will play out for European and North American teams.

Gamers8 Festival 2023 will play out from August 14 to 20 in the capital of Saudi Arabia. At the event, sixteen rosters will compete for $1 million in prize money.

The team list for Gamers8 Festival 2023 looks as follows:

 Direct invite #9
 Direct invite #10
 Direct invite #11
 Direct invite #12
 Direct invite #13
 Europe qualifier winner #1
 Europe qualifier winner #2
 North America qualifier winner