kennyS and Python depart Falcons

Saudi club Falcons took it to Twitter to announce the departure of Jordan "Python" Munck-Foehrle and Kenny "kennyS" Schrub from the starting five. While Python is getting benched, kennyS will remain with the organization as a content creator.

Munck-Foehrle joined Falcons in February last year, while Schrab joined the team in mid-November. Together they managed to secure second place at Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 2 and OMEN WGR Challenge 2023.

It is reported that the Falcons' roster change took place after the team's unsuccessful performance at the Europe RMR, as a result of which they did not qualify for the home Major.

Currently, the French team is competing ESL Challenger League Season 45 Europe, and is also preparing for the start of the ESL Championnat regional event.

 Falcons' current lineup is:

 Nathan "NBK" Schmitt
 Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier
 Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro

 Steeve "⁠Ozstrik3r⁠" Flavigni (coach)