arT speaks on bugged flash in match against FaZe

FURIA IGL Andrei "arT" Piovezan spoke via his Twitter account about the moment that the organizers missed during the live broadcast at IEM Rio 2023. The Brazilian talked about a flash that hadn't worked during the match against FaZe, which affected the outcome of the first pistol round on Mirage.

Immediately after the match, Piovezan reached out to fans via his social media accounts, attaching a clip of FaZe players attempting to retake A site after planting the bomb. The video shows the flight of the flash, which, having went off in the Brazilians' field of view, did not blind them.

arT said that he was stunned by the explosion of the flash, but the blinding animation did not work. Due to this bug, FURIA were able to stop the retake and won the round.

It is not clear how much the bug affected the outcome of the match overall, which the Brazilians have won. However, fans have suggested that the issue has to do with the server rather than CS:GO. However, FaZe's Robin "ropz" Kool did not focus on the unfortunate bug, laughing under the opponent's tweet.