Cloud9, OG, FURIA and FaZe secure first victories at IEM Rio 2023

Cloud9, OG, FURIA and FaZe secured victories at the start of the IEM Rio 2023 group stage. In the Group B's upper bracket quarter-finals, they defeated MIBR, Vitality, fnatic and 9z, respectively.

Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov's squad bested MIBR (16:8 on Ancient), while OG sensationally got the best of Vitality (19:17 on Overpass). Then the Brazilian roster took over fnatic (19:15 on Ancient), and FaZe defeated 9z (16:3 on Overpass).

Group B will continue tomorrow, April 18. At 17:00 MSK the lower bracket quarter-finals will kick off with MIBR – Vitality and fnatic – 9z matchups. The playday will end with the upper bracket semi-finals between Cloud9 – OG and FURIA – FaZe.

Group B current bracket is:

The full schedule and live broadcast of IEM Rio 2023 can be found on the tournament page via this link.