Tricked declared bankrupt reported that Danish esports club Tricked has been declared bankrupt, which confirmed the information from the former organization's owner, Morten Jensen.

Back in February, the club suspended its activities due to the inability to show high results. However, at the time, Tricked's management suggested a potential return to the pro scene if it made financial sense. Nevertheless, today, April 17, the investment company RightBridge officially announced the termination of funding for the organization.

Tricked was founded in 2012 and during this time has formed CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite and FIFA rosters. The greatest success came from the CS:GO division, which secured a V4 Future Sports Festival 2019 title, as well as participated in several prestigious LAN events.

Some well-known players competed for the club, including Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, Ismail "refrezh" Ali, Casper "cadiaN" Møller, Rasmus "sjuush" Beck, Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen and Fredrik "roeJ" Jørgensen.