Gabe Follower shows Counter-Strike 2 taunts

Data miner Gabe Follower showed vis his Twitter account how taunts will look in Counter-Strike 2. In the hidden files of Limited Test, he managed to find more mentions of the possible innovation and share some third-person animations.

As the blogger claims, the taunt animation will appear in Danger Zone mode and will not be used in matchmaking. In addition, Gabe Follower clarified that the discovered sequences are not related to team introduction in the beginning or end of match, since they have different namings and stored in different files.

Previously, another data miner reported about the appearance of taunts, but he only briefly mentioned first and third-person animations.

At the end of March, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2, which will be released this summer. At the same time, the developers launched a Limited Test, providing access to selected esports athletes and casual players.