Counter-Strike 2 Update Release Notes for 30.03.2023


– Multiple network traffic optimizations.
– Shooting random seeds are now correctly desynchronized between server and client code.


– Fixed positions of overhead labels and ping elements at different resolutions.
– Fixed halo around enemies to not give away their locations.
– Bomb code will now correctly clear when aborting the bomb plant.
– Fixed rare inspect animations to be rare and not every anim.
– Inspect then reload ("f", "r", "f", "r") more closely matches CS:GO behavior.
– Disabled all development console commands (including "cl_physics_highlight_active 5").


– HE grenades no longer affect smokes through walls.
– Disabled collisions between ragdolls.
– Players will no longer drop weapons when getting a bonus weapon in Deathmatch.
– Trajectory preview for decoy grenades is now correct.
– Improved behavior of picking up weapons with the use key.  


– Buy menu and scoreboard now allow movement while they have focus.
– Team intro allows voice chat.
– Keys will no longer get stuck when opening the steam overlay.
– Fixed many cases where user input would get confused.
– Multiple actions cannot be bound to one key.


– Adjustments to smoke grenade sound timing at a distance.
– Fixed a bug where flashbang or grenade sound effect would remain if player died while having that sound effect active.
– Added dedicated player–only sound when a grenade is correctly jump–thrown.
– Fixed chat wheel lines to be restricted to legitimate chat wheel lines that can be configured in game options.


– Fixed a hole in the wall.