Only 1.38% of all players reached level 10 on FACEIT

The CS:GO Haven portal has conducted a FACEIT rank distribution analysis, the results of which showed that only 1.38% of the platform's players reached level 10. The sample size for the study was 12.71 million accounts from around the world.

The majority of the players are within 1 to 3 level range. The share of the platform's least rated users is 79.28%.

Since level 10 is the peak on FACEIT, analysts have broken it down by ELO, a player rating statistics that is formed based on wins and losses. The bulk of the platform's top players remain within the minimal 2000-2500 ELO – 1.01% out of 1.38%. Only 0.00002% have over 6501 ELO.

The study also unveiled the distribution of the strongest FACEIT players by country. The largest percentage of level 10 accounts is in Denmark, Estonia and Finland. The Eastern European countries didn't make it to top 24.