Pimp: "I firmly believe arT's position in FURIA is up for debate"

Analyst Jakob "Pimp" Winneche believes that FURIA should consider replacing their longtime IGL Andrei "arT" Piovezan. In his Twitter, he explained this standpoint by the fact that under the leadership of Brazilian esports athlete, the roster has not achieved significant results and shows no development in play style.

I firmly believe arT's position in FURIA is up for debate. I also think anyone not willing to have the debate is not worth talking CS with. He's failed to win anything with FURIA, and there's been close to zero development in their play style for years. That's primarily arT's responsibility as I see it. Why do I say so? Cause I want FURIA to better. I care about the quality of their team, and not single individuals. <...> arT has had years to change and make an impact in FURIA, and have failed to do so. On top of that is he struggling individually, giving way too many opening kills away.

arT's position in FURIA has been up for debate by experts for a long time. In particular, half a year ago, analyst Janko "YNk" Paunović criticized the Panthers' in-game leader and suggested that the club should part ways with the captain to get a new impulse in tactical training.

Currently, FURIA competes at ESL Pro League Season 17. According to the Group B's results, the team has advanced to the Round of 16 of the playoffs.

Origin: twitter.com