Ex-Anonymo players form Gentlefolk team

Ex-Anonymo trio Arek "Vegi" Nawojski, Oskar "oskarish" Stenborowski and Łukasz "mwlky" Pachucki will continue to compete in the same roster after the Poles have come together to form a new team called Gentlefolk, which was unveiled via Twitter.

Ex-Anonymo players were joined by Zoran "⁠xicoz⁠" Markovski and Rasmus "kreaz" Johansson, who previously played for BLUEJAYS and Finest, respectively. Polish specialist Adrian "imd" Pieper, known for his time at x-kom, Illuminar and Anonymo, will take over as the roster’s coach.

As of now, it is unknown when the new European team will debut. Players expect to secure sponsorships for development on the international scene soon.

 Gentlefolk are currently:

 Arek "⁠Vegi⁠" Nawojski
 Oskar "⁠oskarish⁠" Stenborowski
 Łukasz "⁠mwlky⁠" Pachucki
 Zoran "⁠xicoz⁠" Markovski
 Rasmus "⁠kreaz⁠" Johansson

 Adrian "⁠imd⁠" Pieper (coach)

Origin: twitter.com