guerri, Apoka, ToH1o unbanned from⁠ Majors

The coaches Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira, Alessandro "Apoka" Marcucci and Anton "ToH1o⁠" Georgiev have announced via their social media accounts that they are free to participate in Majors after CS:GO developers removed the ban issued two years ago for the skippers’ involvement in exploiting the so-called coaching bug.

All three specialists had been banned in January 2021, when Valve, following Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), sanctioned a number of coaches. Initially, guerri’s and ToH1o⁠’s bans were supposed to expire after the second Major of 2023, while Apoka was banned permanently.

When issuing bans, Valve relied on the ESIC report, but subsequently did not follow the Commission, which reduced the sanctions for some banned coaches for frankly confessing and assisting the investigation.

Out of the three coaches banned by Valve, only guerri, who heads FURIA’s roster, currently works at the tier 1 scene. Apoka started streaming after departing from MIBR in early 2022, while ToH1o⁠ was introduced as a skipper of the NIP fe yesterday, March 1.