zonic on Vitality's stand-in: "JACKZ is a soldier who's just gonna do whatever you ask him"

Vitality's coach Danny "zonic" Sørensen revealed in a comment to the club's press service the reasons behind choosing Audric "JACKZ" Jug as a temporary replacement for the currently inactive Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen. The skipper highlighted the Frenchman's personal qualities and team-oriented attitude.

I think JACKZ is, first and foremost, a very good person. I don't know him that much but from what I've seen he is the guy who can always bring mood into the team, just like dupreeh. He is a soldier who's just gonna do whatever you ask him. Our main focus is gonna be the RMR and the Major. So whatever practice we can get with dupreeh, we are gonna go for, and then whenever he can't play, we're gonna play with JACKZ. For me, it's about getting a player who is just gonna do whatever he's told and not just gonna play for himself or play for stats. Being passive, he needs to be able to just run when we tell him to run. That's also how we do with dupreeh.

Vitality will use JACKZ at ESL Pro League Season 17. The team is set to compete in Group D from March 8-12, vying for one of four playoff spots against the likes of FaZe, NIP, OG, 00NATION, paiN, Grayhound, and Rooster.

Origin: twitter.com