MIBR and 9z earn tickets to IEM Brazil 2023

The team list for IEM Brazil 2023 participants has been completed. The last two spots were secured by MIBR and 9z, who won the qualifiers for North America and South America, respectively.

At the North American closed qualifiers, MIBR did not suffer a single defeat. On the way to the decisive match, the team prevailed over paiN and Complexity, while in the spot-deciding meeting, they once again bested Complexity – 16:12 on Anubis, 12:16 on Overpass and 16:13 on Ancient.

The results of the North American closed qualifier are:

The South American closed qualifier saw 9z take down O PLANO, then suffer a loss to Fluxo. After overcoming 00NATION in the lower bracket, they redeemed themselves with a 2:1 win over Fluxo, earning a ticket to IEM Brazil 2023 – 16:9 on Mirage, 2:16 on Overpass and 16:11 on Nuke.

The results of the South American closed qualifier are:

In addition to MIBR and 9z, IEM Brazil 2023 will feature 9INE, BIG and IHC, who qualified from their respective regions, as well as eleven directly invited teams. The $250,000 tournament is set to take place in Rio de Janeiro from April 17-23.

The team list for IEM Brazil 2023 looks as follows: