huNter- allows for creation of Balkan super-roster in the future

G2's Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač shared his thoughts about the prospects of the CS:GO pro scene in the Balkans in an interview with BLIX. The Bosnian raised the possibility of forming a new Balkan super-team with his cousin Nikola "NiKo" Kovač and other top players from the region in the future.

For now, I think you need to go to an international roster if you want to be really good. Because even back then in the days we were CR4ZY/Valiance we tried everything for a full Balkan roster but then we needed to bring in a team (with) like EspiranTo and ottoNd. We had NeiL_M in the end with nexa together and then Emi as a coach. We did really amazing with CR4ZY qualifying for the major and almost making the Legends stage after losing to Na'Vi and Astralis who then won the Major, and we nearly beat both of them.

So, you still need something international, there can be three from the Balkan region but they need two players from other countries if they want to succeed, I think. But who knows, for the future we have me, NiKo, nexa, and Maden, he is good as well, maybe we'll do something in the future but for now, not yet.

Also during the interview, huNter- named the most promising players from the Balkans. According to him, those are Partizan's AWPer Marin "ROGA" Rogić and iNation member Filip "DEPRESHN" Jarkić.