IHC CEO denies links to club associated with previously arrested "founders"

Mongolian team IHC has released an official statement regarding recent media reports claiming that its three founders were arrested for fraud. According to IHC CEO, Dave Lee, these allegations are untrue and the individuals in question have no involvement in the club's management.

We would like to categorically state that certain individuals have no involvement with our management and operation, and we deny these allegations in the strongest possible terms. The spread of misleading information has not only affected our team's morale but also threatened the stability of our operations. We would like to assure all stakeholders that we are fully committed to safeguarding the integrity of our organization and protecting the interests of all parties involved.

At the same time, IHC's press release stated that the dissemination of false information caused significant harm to the team and affected the well-being of the players.

On February 7, the leading Mongolian news outlet UB Post reported that three founders of the IHC organization were arrested for misappropriation of funds and laundering money gained through manipulation of the cryptocurrency market. One of the suspects in the fraud case is Munkhjin Otgonbaatar, who was previously referred to as the CFO of IHC in media reports.

Origin: twitter.com