OverDrive: r3salt joins forZe

VP.Prodigy member Evgeny "r3salt" Frolov will round out forZe's roster, insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov reported via Twitter.

The 17-year-old Russian has already played five official matches for forZe as a stand-in. In particular, the graduate of Virtus.pro's academy squad helped the team earn a spot in the next season of the ESL Pro League.

In October, forZe announced that they were entering a rebuilding phase, removing Evgeny "Norwi" Ermolin and Aleksandr "KENSI" Gurkin from the starting five. After a month and a half of trialing various candidates, one of the vacant places was filled by Vladislav "Krad" Kravchenko.

Should OverDrive's information be confirmed, forZe's roster will look as follows:

 Andrey "⁠Jerry⁠" Mekhryakov
 Aleksandr "⁠zorte⁠" Zagodyrenko
 Alexandr "shalfey" Marenov
 Vladislav "Krad" Kravchenko
Evgeny "r3salt" Frolov

 Artem "⁠Fierce⁠" Ivanov (coach)

Origin: twitter.com