tabseN names three key players in BIG

BIG's in-game leader Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz named in an interview with the organizers of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 three players who have a key influence on the team's results. According to the captain, these are him, AWPer Florian "syrsoN" Rische and rifler Karim "Krimbo" Moussa.

Obviously, it's myself, I need to be really consistent, it's AWPer syrsoN, and at the moment it's Krimbo. I personally rely a lot on him based on the information he is giving me and also how he presents himself on the server. For example, in clutch situations, we especially put him in clutch situations where he can shine the most. It's really hard to play against the best teams in the world. They can punish you for a lot of mistakes that don't happen in practices. Obviously, he [Krimbo] is not really experienced but he will get there, he will do better.

The interview with BIG's IGL took place during the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 tournament, which runs from January 19 to 29. In the group stage, the German squad lost to G2 and NIP, which means they will be starting the next stage with the lowest possible seed.

Tomorrow, January 27, at 20:30 MSK, BIG will face Liquid. The winners of the match will continue to fight for a direct ticket to BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023, while the losing team will get a chance to qualify through the Showdown event.